Bart Buczek & Netta Buczek-Phua

Bart and Netta said Susan had…Integrity…honesty…humility…reliable….made us feel valued…enthusiastic…willingness to know our needs and concerns…made us feel hopeful…goes the extra mile

Our place wasn’t the Hilton and we had a few agents who made us feel that selling our home wasn’t worth their time; Susan made us feel valued. She was highly recommended by a developer and when we met her we knew she wasn’t just a salesperson with a sales pitch.

After our initial negative experience with the other sales agents, we didn’t have high expectations. We didn’t know what to expect but Susan made us feel hopeful and did a lot of research. She was willing to go the extra mile.

Initially we only wanted to sell the property and not the house. Susan knew that most buyers would want both the home and property. She gently persuaded us to allow the viewing of our home and so they both sold fairly quickly and we were satisfied with the outcome and purchase price.

We would definitely hire Susan again and give her six stars out of five!!

Bart Buczek & Netta Buczek-Phua