Free Home Evaluation

HouseOnCalculatorFeaturePixIf you are considering selling your home, one of the first things you will need to do is have it evaluated.  You can do this by hiring a professional appraiser or you can have a realtor provide a CMA (comparative market analysis) for you. What a CMA will do is provide you with information on comparable homes that have recently sold and that are also for sale. The CMA can define the comparable homes based on age, size of lot, size of home, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, style of home and specific features such as fireplaces, type of flooring, exterior siding and additional accommodation.  You search can be narrowed to your specific subdivision or be broader to include several neighbourhoods.

The feeling that a buyer gets when they drive up to a home, the curb appeal, the indoor lighting, the views from specific rooms and essentially the overall emotional impact a home has on a buyer are not included in a CMA.

I will provide the data from the CMA along with constructive ideas on how to “wow the buyer” with what your home offers to help you determine the value and suggested selling price of your home. This service is complimentary.